Wednesday 23 June 2010

iOS 4 - update with Iphone 3G (issues)

Iphone 3G update issues - iOS 4

Well what a evening / night. Downloaded the iOS 4 update for my Iphone 3G yesterday and finally got round to trying to update it tonight. Its quiet a big update so have a cup of tea while its downloading.

Image: Time by John-Morgan

To begin with I went with the update option as usual but after 3 hours and it reporting to be backing up at exactly the same spot as it was previously decided  it was time to get some help.

Using Google and a search related to update times i came across a number of blogs with articles referencing the issue i was having. Below are the steps i tried and the eventual site which saved the day.

  • I tried switching to Airplane mode as i had read switching of the data services could work - No luck with this. 
  • Next up i removed all my images and music on the device having about 1.5 Gb left on my 8 GB device i though this would be a good bet as it should speed up the back time - Once again no luck.
  • Next I came across this article on Cultofmac. Basically its says you should restore and update! i would recommend doing a sync before trying this as my phone asked to restore once the update had completed setting it back up nicely as before. 

So far i have not really noticed to many changes and i guess this is down to the Iphone 3G being quiet old now. The integrated mail box is surprisingly useful and having threaded messages is a big improvement. Having places in the photo albums is quiet nice as well but you will need a wifi connection unless you want to wait around for Google Maps.

The Telegraph app is the only app which seems to crash at present but i am sure an update will be out soon for it as its one of my favourite news apps.

If anybody has any further tips please post on the comments!

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  1. Hi

    just thought i would post an update. have just installed the latest update along with an update to the Telegraph app - it now works a looks a lot better than before yay.

    After the the ios4 update i had noticed a lot of stability issues with my phone, with the browser crashing regularly and issues with it freezing. Hopefully 4.0.1 will solve some of those problems.