Wednesday 23 June 2010

iOS 4 - update with Iphone 3G (issues)

Iphone 3G update issues - iOS 4

Well what a evening / night. Downloaded the iOS 4 update for my Iphone 3G yesterday and finally got round to trying to update it tonight. Its quiet a big update so have a cup of tea while its downloading.

Image: Time by John-Morgan

To begin with I went with the update option as usual but after 3 hours and it reporting to be backing up at exactly the same spot as it was previously decided  it was time to get some help.

Using Google and a search related to update times i came across a number of blogs with articles referencing the issue i was having. Below are the steps i tried and the eventual site which saved the day.

  • I tried switching to Airplane mode as i had read switching of the data services could work - No luck with this. 
  • Next up i removed all my images and music on the device having about 1.5 Gb left on my 8 GB device i though this would be a good bet as it should speed up the back time - Once again no luck.
  • Next I came across this article on Cultofmac. Basically its says you should restore and update! i would recommend doing a sync before trying this as my phone asked to restore once the update had completed setting it back up nicely as before. 

So far i have not really noticed to many changes and i guess this is down to the Iphone 3G being quiet old now. The integrated mail box is surprisingly useful and having threaded messages is a big improvement. Having places in the photo albums is quiet nice as well but you will need a wifi connection unless you want to wait around for Google Maps.

The Telegraph app is the only app which seems to crash at present but i am sure an update will be out soon for it as its one of my favourite news apps.

If anybody has any further tips please post on the comments!

Sunday 20 June 2010

GoogleCL - Command line goodness

GoogleCL posting from the command line

update -- As you can see its not that straight forward i thought i was setting up the post and then posting the article but ended up with 2 sort of posts on the same thing doh.


Well i recently read about Google CL (Command Line - ), this seems like a cool idea and being an Ubuntu fan decided to install it.

So here is my test post using it for the fisrt time! (see below for the example code i robber from the project site, hope they dont mind me re-posting it)

It was really straight forward to install using the deb package supplied on the project homepage and the example scripts look easy to use, hopefully i can do a bit more research and start to stream line so my tasks using it!

For those that dont know the Google CL comes with support for 'picasa', 'blogger', 'youtube', 'docs', 'contacts', 'calendar' and makes use of the gData python client libaries so you will need to install these as well.

Adding this with my recent experimentation with the google analytics api and excel i am really starting to get into the Google web services and the extra things you can do with them with a little bit of programming knowledge lets hope both the services and my knowledge keep improving.

Now fun stuff, how i used the example:

google blogger list title,url-site # List posts

google blogger post --tags "GoogleCL" --title "GoogleCL - Command line goodness" "GoogleCL posting from the command line"

google blogger post GoolgeCL_post.txt

Now run to the live site and check it worked!

Tuesday 8 June 2010

The Story So Far

The Story So Far... 
Well the blog has been up and running now for a few weeks and I am slowly learning that its not that simple! Much like the bee in the image below you have to work hard to get any where and I am going to have to start looking at spreading my wings to promote this site.

I am finding it difficult to really get going and where my niche is, I follow a lot of really good blogs and forums which offer great content. This seems to be an issue at present but I am hoping that with a little effort I can really start to get things going!

I am going to have think about my first real article to try and put something together.

At present SEO wise the May Day update is getting a lot of press but not really knowing a lot about that I think I'll give it a miss to begin with.